New Years Eve: Toasts

Well Kids, it’s the New Year which means its time for some new clothes! So bust out that Christmas money and get ready to spend it like gas is only $3 a gallon!

First up: resolutions. Let’s face it, making up New Year Resolutions is like picking something to give up for Lent. You’re looking for something that won’t be so hard that you’re actually making a sacrifice, but not something so easy that people who hear about it will instantly judge you for your laziness. You’re looking for secret laziness here. That’s the key to a perfect resolution. For example; if you’re looking to get healthier this year, there are do’s and don’ts. Let’s face it, you want to look good come spring break, and you probably already bought your bikini for the season because Target (c) had to go and put them out in DECEMBER, as if you needed another reason to hate the snow (only 168 more days until Summer). Don’t make your resolution to “look good in my new cheetah swimsuit,” because that’s not tangible at all! It all depends on who you ask, my dog thinks I look good in all my clothes

“Lucy, wag your tail if you think this dress makes my butt look good”

“good dog”
*rewards with steak*

You need to make your goals something that anyone can definitively say that you achieved. Do make your resolution “Lower my BMI by 2% by May 15th” BMI is a much healthier option, because when you become healthier and work out on a more regular basis, you might not necessarily lose weight at first. After all, muscle weighs more than fat. BMI measures the amount of body fat based on height and weight. That way when you’re getting all buff, you won’t hurt your score! This is not to say that you should create unattainable numbers for yourself. Don’t make your goal to “Lose 4 pant sizes in the next 3 weeks”- we can’t all be Jared, guys. Also, when people ask you what your resolution is “lower my BMI makes you sound so much more scientific and informed. Plus, its way easier to lie about at the end of the year if you don’t reach your goals. (Setting up excuses in advance, I’m such a winner)

Now that you’ve got your resolution out of the way, let’s look at some celebration options. Well let’s see- there’s the ever popular Bar idea. But in most cases that involves wall-to-wall people and a cover that costs more than your first 10 drinks on any other day of the year. There’s the hermit option of staying in with what’s sure to be a multitude of cats, but that’s just sad. Do you really want to start off your new year sad? Then there’s the third option, which I fully endorse: House Party! Cheaper drinks, no randos, and far more party hats 🙂 Don’t try to tell me you don’t like party hats, anyone who says that they don’t like party hats is either grumpy cat or they are lying to you.

What to wear to this soiree? Inspiration following below, but I’m a large proponent of the accent nail. Bright colored accessories with subtle glitter accents (subtle glitter- is that an oxymoron?) bring balance to the black sheer tights and top, which can be worn with a tank or bandeau underneath depending on if you’re going to be outside or not. Should you switch out your iphone case to match the occasion? If you’re feeling especially festive that day, why not? Try to step outside of the typical sequin dress box by using these fun glitter shorts. You can also find them in black, which makes them easier to wear with patterned tops and different colors without going too over the top. But going over the top is what New Years Eve is all about, so go for the gold in 2013!

New Years Eve Fashion

Last up, midnight kisses. Sure, its seeemingly romantic to have someone to kiss on New Years Eve, but I think its twice as fun to go into the night not knowing wear you- or your lips- will be come midnight. It turns your night into a mystery scavenger hunt of sorts! And if you don’t find anyone you like enough by 11:59, just ask a friend for a kiss on the cheek. At the end of the day (night) its all about new beginnings. So in my humble opinion, having the same person kiss you on December 31, that kissed you on December 30 is not something new, now is it?

Don’t forget a killer New Years toast! You can get delicious (and oh-so-classy) Andre (c) champagne at your local liquor store for as little as $5! I recommend the Peach flavor, it’s delicious. Or if someone else offers to spring for the good stuff, grab some Moet and open an actual cork (Ha! What a luxury). There are the oh-so-cheesy toasts that everyone will do:

Whatever you resolve to do,
On any New Year’s Day,
Resolve to yourself to be true
And live-the same old way.

But I say, make up your own! I wrote thing winner about Kansas Basketball: The Source of all happiness:

  May the New Year bring us
Warm Hearts and Warm Hands
A Person to Hold Hands with,
And a Championship Trophy to hold up with our Hawks!

God yes- I love alliteration. Anyway, apologies that this post is a little late, and therefore somewhat useless. Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night!


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